Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is There An End For Everything?

Yes, There is an end for everything. War Started and Ended, Invention Created And Destroyed, Human, Animals, Plants, and Etc Lives and Died, And Even Our World Will End. The Only one Who will live forever is THE ONE and Me Is Infinite for I am the Dark Victory (LoL) :- )

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why there is War, Terrorism, Civil War, and Rebellion?

I think some of the most common cause of War, Terrorism, Civil War, and Rebellion are;
  1.  failure to communicate
  2.  territory
  3. belief
  4. religion
  5. leadership ( power and position )
  6. revenge
  7. and poverty

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Deadly Bite 

Dogs are very cute pets and considered as man best friend but sometimes dogs is man worse enemy. Dogs can kill accidentally. How? Even though dogs are your pets you cannot avoid the bite of your pets. Sometimes accidental bite can cause damage or death because of rabies. A vaccine is a way to protect you from harm and danger against accidental bite.  

Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds For Me

1.) Pitbull

2.) Rottweiler

3.) Bullmastiff

4.) Doberman

5.) German Shepherd

6.) Great Dane

7.) Saint Bernard

8.) Husky

9.) Boxer

10.) Labrador

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Flood Control

Now a days flooding is one of the most serious problems that we are facing .I think flooding is cause by global warning because of human activities.
What are the basic causes of flood other than global warming? I think some of the causes of flood are illegal logging, improper disposal of garbage, and incorrect engineering planning. I really think that these things are the reason why there is flood. Flood can be prevented if we are smart enough. So be smart and follow the law.

Smoking and the effect of smoke

As far as I know smoking is dangerous because smoking can kill. This is really true smoking is one of the number one killers in the world. Smoking is not a disease but it is an addiction that can cause an illness to the smoker and to the public. Why do we smoke? I myself I don’t know but I smoke sometimes. I think the reason why we smoke because of a hobby to smoke for satisfaction. Smoking is really very addictive but it can be stop if we can find other hobby that will satisfied us. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Law about Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, and HIV

When we are still young we still never think about sex. During these years we just only think enjoyment. We never think about sex but drugs and alcohol I think yes. Why do you think? I think we just only want to be happy.  Alcohol is just one way to be happy and we really enjoyed hanging with friends. During these years we also tried drugs. Why do you think this happened? Maybe because as we continued enjoying we explore more and we are not contented. As we grow old and becoming mature we want to explore more and this time we want to explore sex. So this is the reason why SEX, DRUGS, ALCOHOL, and HIV are connected to the law about these things.

Fire Control and Prevention

The triangle of fire is compose of the following;

1.)    Fuel
2.)    Air
3.)    Heat

Without this above or one lacking there is no fire. So it is really very important that we have knowledge about fire inorder to prevent disaster. Fire can cause too much damage because fire can destroyed properties and lives. What is the role of the law for the prevention of fire? Is it really very important? Yes, there should be a law for fire prevention inorder to discipline and educate people about fire control and fire prevention. Yes, it is really very important to protect the properties and lives of the people if a tragedy happened.

Fire Prevention and Safety

1.)    Electrical Equipment safety
a.)    Check regularly the electrical connection
b.)    Avoid octopus outlet connection
c.)    Do not use substandard electrical equipment

2.)    Fire Equipment
a.)    Fire Extinguisher – to prevent and stop the fire
1.)    Check your fire equipment if it is still in good condition
2.)    Place it on a right place

b.)    Axe – to breaks locked doors
1.)    Axe should be place near the fire extinguisher